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You might have heard of this new trend called meal-kit subscriptions. If you haven’t, basically you sign up, customize your settings and boxes of ingredients are sent to your house. From Blue Apron to HelloFresh to Plated, there are several options to choose from.

When I had first started to dive into cooking, I decided I wanted to try this. I felt, like most of you I’m sure, that I was at the grocery store every damn day. I went with HelloFresh mainly because I saw a Cyber Monday deal that was basically half the cost. I went with the vegetarian option because I really don’t eat a lot of meat and I figured that I could just add meat to the meal for Dave. I thought I had this all figured out.

My first shipment came in the middle of December. This was my first mistake. Who has time to do anything in December? Between working and shopping and traveling to see family, we were hardly home. The boxes of ingredients, which did stay fresh way longer than I anticipated, piled up in my fridge. Those things are not small and I hate clutter more than anything, so this simple meal solution started to stress me out.

My second mistake was taking the vegetarian route. Apparently 75 percent of vegetarian meals (you will learn I make up statistics as I see fit) involve one of my least favorite foods, squash. And again, I could see this all online. I just didn’t look close enough. So, now I am stuck with these squashy meals and zero space in my refrigerator.

And, of course, my third mistake was not canceling my subscription. We’ve all been there, right? The meals kept coming through Christmas and New Years. And let me tell you, nobody is trying to eat squash on New Years day while battling a hangover.

I have since cancelled my subscription, and I am really not trying to bash the service at all. All in all it was my own fault, and in the end I realized I like to plan my own meals and eat what I am hungry for that day. I just want to know you have tried and was your experience better?

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