A little bit of routine…

Routines are a thing. They are a must, but deep, deep down, we hate them. Why else would vacations exist? We crave the few days of the year when we can sit back and forget what we’re supposed to be doing. We dream about no schedule. We live for the moments when we don’t have to answer to anyone. In any normal week, we wake up, shower, drive to work, work, drive home, eat dinner, watch TV and then hope to fall asleep. The American dream, right?

How many of you are cringing right now? Maybe it’s late and you can’t sleep. Maybe you are at work (Tsk! Tsk!). Maybe you are reading this on the way to work dreading a meeting with a boss you despise. Whatever the reason, trust me, I get it.

The problem is…fuck…I hate to even say it. We need it.

I left the Pittsburgh Business Times in 2014 with the hopes of something better. I spent 10 years there. I spent 10 years of my life with those amazing people. I am only 35, so keep it down you 35+ people.

I grew up with that company. My life changed with that company. I married my husband with that company. I made some of my best friends with that company. I became a part of the Pittsburgh community. I had an identity in this city. I was Melissa, the girl who worked at the Business Times.

It’s been awhile now and I have taken on new responsibilities here and there, but I can’t seem to find that same feeling. Trust me, I love working from home. I love working in social media. I love creating crafts with the hopes they will make someone smile. I love working part time for a liquor company which allows me to sprinkle cheer all over Pittsburgh. And I love, love, love having freedom.

But my gosh do I miss structure.

Maybe my personality isn’t strong enough to manage myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone through X number of changes since I left the job I considered my safe place for so long. There are people who do it though. There are people who work from home and manage, not only themselves, but a family. And I tip my adorable, tiny hat to them.

I own a corgi. Her name is Ivy. She is the craziest sweetheart I’ve ever known. Corgis, by nature, are herders. They are protective, outgoing, playful and, to some, loud as shit. When she first came into my life, I wanted to understand every little thing about her. This is how I approach most aspects of my life. Do you know what I learned? Corgis, like people, are happiest with a purpose.

Ivy can sit, lay down and shake. She can roll over, spin in circles and play dead. She can chase a ball until her little legs no longer work. She loves long hikes, playing in water and has been known to climb mountains. Her legs are three-inches long, so you can imagine it’s not always easy for her.

That little dog, who is so full of spirit, never leaves my side. I’ve seen her deal with my anxiety and depression. When I couldn’t leave bed for days, she was right beside me. And at that moment, she knew her purpose.

I have seen that dog after a six-mile hike. The smile on her face is unbreakable. We have all experienced hardships in life. We have seen the darkness and yearned for the light. Whenever I bounce back, Ivy is right there with me. She doesn’t skip a beat. I want that passion, that drive and ultimately that purpose. 

Routines are a thing. They increase security in humans and animals alike. Imagine not only a day, but a year, without it. What was once a walk in the forest becomes a struggle to find the path. Embrace the dullness and remember, it could be worse, you could be that little corgi with the three-inch legs trying to jump on a bed just to cuddle up to the one who means the most.

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