A little bit of online shopping…

It’s that time of year. The time when every woman starts toying with the idea of buying a new swimsuit. Keep in mind most stores have had them out since February (insert eye roll), but it’s right before Memorial Day when the dreaded thought creeps into our heads – I need a swimsuit.

I wasn’t even thinking about swimming or pools or anything this morning, but I got an email and it was hook, line and sinker or whatever. I decided I would look. Because why not? I live in Pittsburgh where it is sunny 160 days of the year. I wish I could unhear that fact. But I do know a couple of people with pools. Maybe they’ll invite me over. Hint, hint.

So, I click through and am delighted to find “real” girls with no Photoshop used. They have curves and boobs and GASP butts! This pleases me very much. But I am still hunting for the damn suit I saw in the ad. And then, I find it. Now I am not here to hate on anyone’s body, but good lord, what am I supposed to do with this ad? It literally does nothing for me. Is that what the swimsuit would look like on, I don’t know, my thigh? Maybe it’s my fault for shopping at a store that targets 15-25 year olds, but I am not ready to hang up my young person hat just yet.

The whole ordeal irritated me because I don’t know if I should buy it and give it a try or just forget about the beautiful mint green suit. And then I started thinking, its 2016. I live in a world where I can have dinner with someone in a different state via FaceTime. I can order pizza with an emoji, although it might take awhile. I can get Amazon to deliver ON A SUNDAY. There has to be something that exists that makes online shopping easier.

First I came across Sizeable, which shows what items look like on different sized models. Smart, right? The models are divided into five categories: curvy (generally an hourglass figure wearing sizes 12-14), petite (sizes 6-8, under 5’5”), all booty (athletic, small breasts and a considerably larger bum), tall (for ladies who are over 5’8”) and busty (for women who wear a D cup or larger). I love this idea. However, I know I don’t fit into exactly one of these categories, so that might be a problem.

Then I came across Fitbay. This app is pretty cool. You set up an account and enter some information about your body. The app then connects you with people who have similar body types. You get to peek into their wardrobes and you can also search by brand or store. I browsed some of the girls suggested to me and they were actually close to my size. Perfect.

And then there are the personal stylist sites like Stitch Fix and Le Tote. I have never tried these, but I went onto Stitch Fix and was immediately annoyed with their Style Profile questions. “How do you prefer clothes to fit the top half of your body?” Um, it depends, right? Anyway, I have put entirely too much thought into this swimsuit. And I just got a text from my husband saying it “looks like a big diaper”. So, that’s out. Happy Shopping!

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